Dr. James C. Kroll, "Dr. Deer,"
(non-compensated endorsement)

"Over the last two decades, The Institute for White-tailed Deer Management & Research has become the "Underwriter's Laboratory" of the deer world. Annually we test dozens of products to see if they really live up to the manufacturer's claims. More often than not, the answer is NO! But, every year, a few emerge from our rigorous field-testing as genuinely good products. After almost a year of testing, the Trophy Feeder has proven an effective way to supplementally feed deer. It is particularly effective against non-target animals such as raccoons, squirrels and wild pigs. Feed remains dry and in sound condition, even in the harsh weather conditions of Eastern Texas. We also found it one of the easiest to install on site. In short, we have no reservations recommending this product."  

"I was first introduced to the Trophy Feeder at a Farm and Ranch Show in Victoria, Texas approximately 10 years ago. I knew immediately this concept would work and was the answer to my search for a protein feeder. Multiple deer classes will feed without fear of dominance. We were some of the first to use it here in South Texas and made suggestions to improve the feeder performance in our area. We still use the original feeders purchased and are very pleased with their service over the past 10 years. In my opinion, this is the Only Bulk Pellet Feeder that is practical to use."

Randy Walls, Ranch Mgr.
Guajolote Ranch, Skidmore, Texas
(non-compensated endorsement)


Dr. Dan E. McBride, DVM
(non-compensated endorsement)
  We have had a Trophy Feeder for several years on our ranch. It is the easiest to fill and most functional feeder we've used. The deer adapted to it very quickly. Not only is it a functional feeder, it is also a good looking feeder.
  The unique design of this feeder obviously comes from many hours observing deer and their behavior. I've found that deer can easily access the feed without forcing them into face to face situations when more than one deer is present. Also, the design allows easy access even by the biggest bucks without danger to their growing antlers. I think this is one feeder you will be happy with for many years.

Ben H. Koerth
Research Associate
Institute for White-tailed Deer Management and Research.
(non-compensated endorsement)
  Please show this to anyone interested in purchasing your protein feeders. We have used your feeders to feed our elk and our whitetail deer. Both species use the feeders with no problems. What we like the most is that these feeders are truly coon and squirrel proof thus saving us a lot of dollars on wasted feed. We are just starting to use your feeders with scimitar Oryx and whitetail. We are confident at Martine Ranch that they will prove to be equally successful. Please tell anyone who inquires that they are free to contact me, I will gladly tell them that I am completely satisfied with your feeder, or come visit and I will gladly show them our operation.

Tom Martine
Martine Properties, Inc.
Austin, Texas
(non-compensated endorsement)
(toll free) 866-353-9427

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